Aquatic Technology Pool & Spa, "Creating Water as Art."™

Aquatic Technology Pool & Spa, "Creating Water as Art."™
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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Vanishing & Infinity Edge Swimming Pool Expert Witness, Watershape Consulting

Why would I need an Expert or Consultant?

There are actually many reasons... but, plan review, contractor competency evaluation and quality control are the primary reasons.

Plan Review

The more complex a project, the greater the need for an independent expert consultant.  The consultant will bring an objective voice to the evaluation of the plans and design.  The primary designer may have spent months developing a project plan.  Small details are easily overlooked on complex projects.  It simply avoids costly errors in the future by having the plans reviewed by a second set of "fresh eyes."

An evaluation of the plans can actually save the client money.   More economical methods or practices may be suggested that can save time and money.  The expert may have actually constructed or consulted on a project with similar details.  They can lend valuable insight and experience that will avoid cost overruns and delays.

Contractor Evaluation

The plans for many complex projects are developed by teams of designers and consultants.  The selection of the swimming pool contractor is usually left up to the general contractor on the project.  They will have their usual cast of characters, whom they will have bid on the project.  However, they may not have the competency to actually build the project.

An outside expert can evaluate the skills of potential contractors before contracts are signed.  If there are no local contractors who possess the necessary skills, then there are alternatives...

Ongoing Construction Consultation

The consultant can assist and guide the local contractor through the processes of construction where they lack the requisite skills.  The consultant is in effect, "teaching as they go."  The client has a local builder, yet the builder has the resource to guide them through the project.

Most don't know what they don't know... and the owner's of many failed or substandard swimming pools are living proof of contractor incompetence and ignorance.

Quality Assurance - Owner's Representative

As the  "Owner's Rep" (OR) the consultant ensures that the project is actually constructed as per the plans and contracts.  The OR ensures that the best industry and trade practices are adhered to.  The consultant documents the progress of the construction through digital imaging and written reports.

The OR will also ensure that the required independent inspections and materials testing are performed.  Since most owners do not know how to build a pool properly, the OR will ensure that their interests are protected.

Investing in an expert consultant to oversee the construction of your complex swimming pool project can actually save you tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in future litigation, repairs, loss of property value and lost sleep.

Paolo Benedetti -  Consultant, Expert Witness, Construction Management
"Creating water as art."™
Aquatic Technology Pool and Spa

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