Aquatic Technology Pool & Spa, "Creating Water as Art."™

Aquatic Technology Pool & Spa, "Creating Water as Art."™
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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Phosphates, Algae Blooms & Stain Control Products

The pool service industry, pool owners, and consumers are being fooled and ripped off... AND BIG TIME!!

Are you aware that the most popular stain preventative products in the swimming pool industry are phosphonic acid based formulations? Are you aware that in the presence of chlorine and sunlight they decompose into orthophosphates?

So, here's where the term "sucker" came from...
  • You add stain preventative products one week (see examples below).... and during the week it decomposes into orthophosphates.
  • The next week the orthophosphate levels are off the chart, the pool is covered with algae, so you add a phosphate remover.

To muddy the water even more & to confuse consumers further, some of these very chemical manufacturer's have started packaging & selling formulations of orthophosphate removers combined with their phosphate based stain preventatives!

That's about as intelligent as adding chlorine on one side of the pool, then adding sodium thiosulfate on the other side of the pool!

HEY Service Industry - it's time to raise your voice and let these manufacturer's know that you are not a sucker, and that you're tired of being played for a fool!

You are actually the cause of the high levels of phosphates and the algae blooms!

What products contain phosphates?
Jack's Magic Products (even the ones with phosphate removers!)
Bio-Guard Scale Inhibitor
Blue Wave Super Rust Scale Remover (Suncoast Chemicals, FL & other private labels)
Omni Scale Control
... and many others!

Read the ingredients on the products you are using & recommending. If they are not listed, then go to the manufacturer's website & download their MSDS sheets! The are required by law to provide them.

Look for the word (or parts thereof): "phosphate." It might be hidden in a string of long scientific words - but if it is, set the bottle down & buy something else (e.g. phosphono-, polyphosphate, diphosphonic, etc.).

Some have concentrations below the reportable concentrations (2%), so the ingredients may not be listed or they may list them as "proprietary." BUT be sure to read the entire MSDS, and you'll see somewhere that their products decompose into phosphates (e.g. OMNI, Suncoast) - there's your clue!

Paolo Benedetti - Aquatic Artist
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