Aquatic Technology Pool & Spa, "Creating Water as Art."™

Aquatic Technology Pool & Spa, "Creating Water as Art."™
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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Aquatic Design Watershape Consultant Engineering Paolo Benedetti - Know the Law!

In many states individuals or businesses are not allowed to provide aquatic"design services" without proper licensing.  California is one such state.

Know the Law
In California only licensed design professionals - that means only CA State Licensed architects, landscape architects and engineers may design swimming pools  in California.  State Licensed swimming pool contractors are also allowed to design projects that they propose to construct.  The Business and Professions Code does not recognize any other groups as being allowed to design swimming pools.

Out of State Firms
Though that out of state firm may have a great looking website, be sure to check on their license status in the State where you live.  That firm in Arizona or Florida that designs swimming pools is not allowed to perform design services in California, if they are not California licensed design professionals or swimming pool contractor.

Why is does this matter?
Let's say you hire a local contractor to build the out of state firms' design.  After construction, to everyone's dismay and surprise, the project does not function properly (actually, this is a really common occurrence!).

Everyone begins to sue everyone else.  And guess who gets to sit idly by and watch the festivities?  You guessed it, the out of state entity that was the root cause of the design defects.

Licensed design professionals carry "E&O" insurance (errors and omissions).  Licensed contractors carry liability insurance.  These exist to protect you from a careless or faulty design.

Reciprocal Licensing
States that require licensing of design professionals, usually have reciprocal agreements with other states that also require licensing.  If you are set on hiring an out of state designer, architect or engineer for your next project, inquire if they are licensed in your state.  If not, it usually only requires the payment of a small fee and a short application.

National Licensing
While there are a number of professional organizations that certify design professionals, none has been recognized across all 50 states.  Therefore, a certified/licensed member of any national or international professional design organization (e.g. SWD, AIA, ASLA, APLD, etc.) is still required to hold the requisite license in the states in which they do business.

It's for YOUR protection
Design professionals that maintain licenses in the state where they do business, illustrate that they are professional and responsible.  They respect the laws and abide by the licensing requirements.  Your state passed licensing requirements to protect the public from faulty designs and construction (let's face it, a lot of contractors cannot fight their way out of wet paper sack).  Laws are passed because there was an issue that needed to be addressed.....

Hire only properly licensed parties and say no thanks to unlicensed firms!

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