Aquatic Technology Pool & Spa, "Creating Water as Art."™

Aquatic Technology Pool & Spa, "Creating Water as Art."™
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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Epic Swimming Pools - Expensive Luxury Pools but Poor Design Execution

Epic pools recently seen on TV, were nothing more than expensive luxury and platinum pools that exhibited poor designs and execution.

Poor Taste

Though the pools recently aired on television were very expensive pools, they demonstrated the fact that "money alone does not buy class or good taste."  With a couple of exceptions, almost every pool displayed was nothing more that a collection of everything possible - including the kitchen sink.

Just because a client can afford to include everything, does not make the design correct.  The design becomes secondary and the monstrosity becomes the focus.  Soon, options begin to be added in the oddest of places, with no rhyme or reason.

"Because they can..."

Just because a client can afford to include everything imaginable, does not mean that a project should.  Someone needs to exercise the voice of reason and sanity.  If the project is being built for a Disney Resort, then by all means.   

A designer will quickly show their "true colors" and focus (money, money, money!), when these type of project begin to get out of hand.  They do not offer the client reasonable options or even attempt to incorporate the new elements into the design.  They merely hang the new option onto the project and issue a change order.

Time tempers the insanity...

Years after the project has been completed, "newness" has worn off, usage has dropped off and the client is looking at a monstrosity in their yard and reviewing exorbitant monthly operating cost they begin to ask themselves... "What have I done?"

When it comes time to sell  a property with such a project, the pool becomes an issue.  Very few people want a pool in their backyard that appears to have been build without any sense of reason.

These eventually become white elephant pools... destined to be torn out.

Paolo Benedetti, S.W.D.  - Aquatic Artist
 "Creating water as art."™ 
Aquatic Technology Pool and Spa 

Swimming Pool Designer - Custom Designs

Custom swimming pool designs for YOU, your lifestyle and architecture.

Custom Designed Swimming Pools

Open any yellow pages or browse any swimming pool builder's website and they all tout "custom designs."  But what really is a custom design?


A commissioned sales man is not a designer.  Assembling options from a list and placing them around a predefined shape is not design either.

A designer is someone who truely has the clients best interest in mind.  A designer will seamlessly meld the architecture of the site with the landscaping.

They will consider the prevailing winds, neighbors views, primary lines of sight, shifting seasonal sun, scope & scale of the property and the clients lifestyle.  They will even plan for forecasted changes in the clients lifestyle - whether it be the addition of children, soon to be empty nesters, teenagers or just clients who want something beautiful to look at.


Swimming pools have graduated from mimicking body parts plopped aimlessly in the center of the yard, to architectural wonders.

A designer is one who can create the sense of "belonging,"  as if the yard would be missing something if the pool was absent.


It takes decades to develop the knowledge and background to become a designer.  Merely drawing well or being able to select harmonious colors does not qualify one as a designer.

One must understand the mechanical and hydraulic designs as well.  Being able to draw a pretty picture without understanding how to actually build it, is a waste of the clients' time.

Qualified Designers
There is only ONE accredited course of aquatic design study in the world - the Society of Watershape Designers.  Only those that have completed the course of study and who maintain their continuing education, can display the S.W.D. certification.

In selecting the Best of the Best, one would naturally hire S.W.D. course instructors.  After all the best could only learn from those that are better!

Paolo Benedetti, S.W.D. - Aquatic Artist 
"Creating water as art."™ 
Aquatic Technology Pool and Spa