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Aquatic Technology Pool & Spa, "Creating Water as Art."™
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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Residential Energy Efficient Swimming Pool Rating System ANSI/APSP-15

The proposed ANSI/APSP-15 American National Standard for Residential Swimming Pool and Spa Energy Efficiency is nothing more than another misguided attempt at justifying improper hydraulic designs.

The "Residential Energy Efficient Swimming Pool Rating System" will assign points a pool or spa hydraulic system for the size of the pipes, style of elbows used, type of pump installed and size of the filter.  These points will be applied towards the energy efficiency rating of the vessel.  Vessels will be rated Gold, Silver or Bronze.

Separate the forest from the trees

On a properly designed hydraulic system all of the components are already compatible and in balance with each other.  This includes the pipe sizing, fittings, filter sizing, pump style and flow rating, flow rates, turn over rates, line velocities, pump curve and the total dynamic head.

The Bottom Line

Properly designed plumbing systems that operate within the acceptable line velocity standards and in the center of a pump's efficiency curve (pump curve) ARE AS EFFICIENT AS THEY WILL EVER GET.

Only utilizing alternative energies to heat and operate a pool will reduce the operating expenses and energy consumption.  Using pumps equipped with Energy Star or VFD motors will also reduce electrical consumption.

True Energy Efficiency Ratings

Energy ratings for a vessel should be calculated by a formula of it's hydraulic efficiency, gallons per minute flow rate and actual kilowatts consumed to move that water.

Poorly designed hydraulics, undersized pipes and filters, substandard plumbing and workmanship, inefficient motors and mismatched components will have a detrimental effect on the calculation.  Assigning "brownie points" for doing things correctly should not factor into the equation.

Vessels should be PASS/FAIL based upon a set standard (around the 80-85 percent level).

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