Aquatic Technology Pool & Spa, "Creating Water as Art."™

Aquatic Technology Pool & Spa, "Creating Water as Art."™
Pools as an art form - the way it should be!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Swimming Pool Excellence is the choice of two alternatives

Doctor of Poolology and Swimming Pool Expert Witness, Paolo Benedetti:  Demand Excellence - why settle for mediocrity? 

Mediocrity abounds in our daily lives.  People settle for what they can afford or achieve... making concessions and acquiescing on their personal values. 

Homeowners settle for walls that are out of plum, swimming pools that are not level and rain gutters that leak.  Public school teachers are not challenging our children.  Diners accept substandard service and waiters demand exorbitant tips.  Average has become "the bar" - the standard.

Society has become afraid to say that inferior performances are unacceptable.  Anything other than perfection is "okay."  To say that something is inferior has become insulting.

Raising the Bar

Personally, I disagree with society's acceptance of sub-par performances.  America is a proud and strong country, that for decades has been the leader in many fields. 

I am dedicated to constantly strive to excel, to make each successive project better than the last, no matter how simple or complex the design.  This demands discipline.  The success of any project depends on me - my technical skills and attention to detail.  My education, therefore, is never complete.

Dedication to Clients

Bestowed upon me is the trust of a client and their hard earned money.  Together they embody the faith that they have conferred upon me.  My loyalty to them is beyond reproach.  The clients' welfare is placed before that of my own. 

My character and honor shall remain steadfast.  My word is my bond.  I will lead by example in all situations.  

From our subcontractors I demand dedication and discipline.  The clients expect, and I deliver innovation.  I bring the full spectrum of my training, knowledge and attention to bear upon a project, to ensure it's successful completion.

A Legacy

I have a tradition of excellence and a reputation to uphold.  My past projects and satisfied customers are my legacy.  

This legacy also foretells the future...  demand and accept nothing short of Excellence.  Together we can do amazing things!

"Excellence is the choice of two alternatives."

Paolo Benedetti - Aquatic Artist 
"Creating water as art."™ 
Aquatic Technology Pool and Spa