Aquatic Technology Pool & Spa, "Creating Water as Art."™

Aquatic Technology Pool & Spa, "Creating Water as Art."™
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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Swimming Pool Expert Solar Heating Panels

Swimming Pool designer solar panels for your aquatic project will extend your swimming season if sized properly.


Do not expect to swim in the dead of winter, because you have solar heating panels.  That is usually an unrealistic expectation.  Unless of course, you live in a locale that has a moderate climate year around (near the equator).

Sized properly, solar panels will allow you to start your swimming season earlier and end it later than with an unheated pool.

Glazed solar panels prevent the wind from blowing across the panels, cooling them off.  Their efficiency increases due to the additional protection.

Energy Savings

Solar panels allow you to wean your pool off of fossil fuels (propane, natural gas) and electricity.  Even switching from an electric heat pump will help reduce greenhouse gasses, as most of the United States electricity if from coal and natural gas fired power plants.

People have even been known to pre-heat their spas using their solar panels.  When concentrated in a spa, all of the BTU's from the solar panels can heat it to 100ºF+ .  You just need to program your system to switch over the valving, to allow enough time to take advantage of the remaining sunlight.


Swimming pools and spas get more use when they are heated - a proven fact.  When they are heated for free by the warmth of the sun, they are even more enjoyable.

Get more use out of your pool... Heat it for free!

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