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Aquatic Technology Pool & Spa, "Creating Water as Art."™
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Friday, November 13, 2015

Glass Tile - ANSI A 137.2 Cracked Glass

Cracked Glass Tile Mosaics

There are thousands of firms jumping onto the glass tile bandwagon. Of course they all want to sell to the pool industry - 1 tile pool is equal to 1000 tile showers or kitchen back splashes. 

This past week, a client and their interior designer showed me some glass tiles from a national tile distributor. They were told that they "are approved for swimming pools."  The client wanted to move ahead.  I forewarned them, that unless the tiles had passed the tile industry's own thermal shock standards, that we would not touch them.

When I contacted the distributor's technical services department, they advised that the tiles had not been tested for compliance with ANSI A137.2.

It is imperative that swimming pool designers and contractors not be lured by false promises and claims of marketing departments, salespeople and showrooms.  Yes, you can install anything in a pool, but not everything is durable enough!

INSIST that any glass tile you specify or install, has been tested and is in compliance with ANSI A137.2.  It outlines the durability requirements, and most importantly, the tile's resistance to thermal shock.

WARNING: There are many name brand tiles that do not comply with ANSI A137.2.  Big box stores, fashion designers, home improvement stores and national tile distributors all have private label brands that do not meet the standards.  Great for a kitchen back splash - but not thousands of square feet in a swimming pool !

REMEMBER - DO NOT take anyone's word for it.  Ask to see the test results from an independent U.S. testing laboratory. Those that have submitted their products for testing are more than happy to provide you with a copy! And they should be proud of it!

For an article that explains ANSI A137.2 check out this link:…/pdfs/IntroducingANSIA137.2.pdf

If a firm wants to sell products to our industry, shouldn't they at least conform to the MINIMUM standards in their own industry ??

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