Aquatic Technology Pool & Spa, "Creating Water as Art."™

Aquatic Technology Pool & Spa, "Creating Water as Art."™
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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Swimming Pool Designs Designer Bonding Pool Water

I was reading about a UL listed water bond - safe for NEC 680 compliance.  It's used for bonding the water in a swimming pool.  

A metal plate is installed in the skimmer and the bonding connection is ran through a hole drilled into the side of the skimmer.

Easily Compromised

However, the product is easily corruptible via everyday occurrences in a residential swimming pool.

When the flow of water into a skimmer is impeded, then the bonding plate is no longer in contact with the water in the pool.

The flow into a skimmer can be easily affected by a low water level condition or by a weir becoming askew (bumped by children, tangled by goggles, a bathing cap, leaves or a twig).

Or a vessel may become a neglected pool, where the water is allowed to drop a few feet, rendering the skimmer bone dry.

In any of these conditions the bonding to the pool water becomes compromised.

24/7 contact must be guaranteed

Regardless of where the water bond is installed, it must guarantee that there will be a 24/7 contact with the water.  Safety devices cannot be on sometimes, and operating other.  They exist for a purpose.  This is not open for debate.
Potential pool leak

Then there is the issue of drilling a hole through a vessel (skimmer or main drain sump) that is supposed to be watertight.

Anyone who has ever worked on domestic plumbing, an automobile or ever replaced an o-ring, knows for a fact that they fail.  Not if they will fail, but when will they fail.  Relying on some caulking and an o-ring to prevent leaks is asking for trouble.

When the o-ring or bonding plate decays due to chemical and salt exposure, how will they be replaced?  The bonding wire and retention nut are on the outside of the skimmer, encased in concrete.

Better choice

A better choice is to locate an in-line water bonding device that can be installed in the water path near the equipment pad. This way it remains accessible and serviceable.

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